Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I'm a Werewolf Thief? Part 3!!

"I don't understand why you're being so standoffish! Did you think you'd be the only one in this sect who was, 'different'? Don't be naive."
I thought this through and she was right. How could I be so judgmental? I mean, I was a werewolf.
"This might come across as being rude, I assure you it's not but, what are you?"
I tried my best not to anger her.
"Heh, no offense taken. I'm a hunter of the night like yourself. Though we differ somewhat and technically should be at each other's throat."
"So, it's what I suspected then, you're a vampire?"
As I finished my sentence she nodded, opened her mouth and bore her fangs. Fascinating. I wondered though what she meant by "at each other's throat".
"You mentioned at each other throats? What do you mean by that?"
She smirked.
"How much do you know about Vampires and Werewolves?"
"Not much actually, just what I've seen in the movies, both are fearsome hunters of the night, vampires seem to be far more aristocratic whereas werewolves seem to be more, wild"
She nodded.
"Close. Let me explain our history. There are many opinions on how vampirism came about. These stories vary from country to country, culture to culture. No one is quite sure how it began but alas we are sure of how to spread it. That is one part the media managed to get correct. A simple bite. A simple bite is all it takes to sire a fledgling. To sire a fledgling, simply put, is to become the superior of a newly created vampire; a fledgling. You see, as you guessed previously vampires follow a elective monarchy of government so to speak. We have a leader known as The Warlord. The Warlord holds absolute power over all vampires. He is the head, of our 'organization'. He is responsible for driving the Nobles and Lords towards a specific goal, whether that's increasing wealth, power or otherwise... Below him, we have a number of Nobles. Nobles and their dynasty are sworn in by Warlords. Usually a vampire needs to have done something of great importance to receive such an honor. As it stands, there are currently 11 dynasties sworn in as Nobles. They  hold all the responsibilities of a Lord but also, they are responsible for the voting of New Warlords, should something befall the current one. Below them are Lords. Lords are vampires who govern each Coven.  There is usually 1 or 2 covens in each country depending on the its size and significance. For example, here in England, there are two covens. Lords receive their orders from the Noble who hold charge over them, who subsequently receive their orders from The Warlord.  Finally, below them is everyone else, we've no specific charge over anyone save for our own fledglings, and must follow our Lord's every command."

Wow. They were so structured and organized. It's amazing, no wonder they've survived for so long.
"That's amazing! I would have never guessed it was so, structured."

"Yes, well, structured to a fault some would say. Anyhow, moving on wolfen society. Your kind has two distinct factions. Wild and The Resistance. Wild werewolves are exactly that, wild. They remain trapped in their bestial form, thinking only with their animal instincts. They are often seen in small packs with one central leader, The Alpha. Alphas are usually those who are bigger or stronger than the rest. Apart from not much else is known. On the other hand, we know a great deal about The Resistance, to which you now belong. The Resistance live in what they call Dens, much like the Covens of vampires, it is a place of sanctuary where one can get the latest news, gear, products etc. The Resistance follow a militarized system of leadership where once rises through the ranks. There are 5 ranks excluding Alpha they are; General, Brigadier, Colonel, Major, Lieutenant. One must also earn a rank, prior to this you remain rank less, a private. Only by gaining the favor of higher ranking werewolves can you advance. However, once you are of Brigadier rank, you can no longer be promoted by higher ranks. You must participate in The Trial. The Trial basically is a gladiator competition within your own rank. It is performed yearly. The two best competitors are promoted up one rank while the two bottom performers are demoted a rank. Once you have achieved the rank of General, you only have the opportunity to advance to the Alpha rank in two ways. The first, most common way is via a 10 year election. Whereby ranked werewolves are allowed to cast their vote. The second way, is to challenge your current alpha to combat. Should you win, you are promoted to Alpha rank and he demoted to Brigadier. Should you lose however, you will be demoted to Private. No doubt you can see why this is the less popular option."
"It seems far more, violent compared to vampiric society."
"Do not be so sure, werewolves are forthright with their bestial nature this much is true, however vampires like to conceal it. It does not mean it is not used. There is much political backstabbing in our society, both literally and figuratively."
"So, why then do you say we should be at each other throats"
I felt as if though she was dodging the question.

"Hmph, during the renaissance.." 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm a werewolf thief? Part 2!

I knew it. They wanted my help as a 'fee' for saving me. I had to admit. I did have quite the advantage over my enemies as a human. I feel sorrow for them now that I've acquired the powers of a werewolf. I began imaging the pure prowess of being a werewolf. What I could do, how I could use this to my advantage. I glanced up. I must've spaced out. Bliss' face was centimeters from my own.
"So. Do you know what being a werewolf actually details?"
I pondered this momentarily before blurting out perhaps the most obvious answer.
"Turning into a wolf...?"
"Yes, that and significantly more. You see by becoming a werewolf, your human form also goes through a number of changes. Most notably perhaps is the sharp increase in your sense of sight and smell." she said as she walked about the kitchen feverishly preparing our meal. In this I knew she was truthful. All I could smell was the intoxicating aroma of Bliss. Heavenly I thought to myself.
"You've obviously noticed the increase in your sense of smell" she said as she blushed.
"Perhaps you ought check out your vision in the dark. Take a look outside"
I walked to the window and peered out into the yard.
"Oh my gosh. What the heck is that!?"
Standing outside was what would be best described as a hellhound.
"Oh, you mean daisy? That's just our pet dog"
"Where did you find such a beast?"
"...At the pet shop, tell me" she said with a smirk "What is it you see?"
"I see a creature that appears to be a dog, but it is engulfed in a red aura. It's entire body is glowing red and I can even see it's veins pulsing under its skin"
"Good, I'd like to introduce you to your new sense of sight. Being built to be a predator of the night, you sight allows you to see both the heat your victim is emitting as well as the ability to see it's blood flow allowing you to strike at vital points."
"...I see"
That would take some time getting used to. Then it hit me, why couldn't I see Bliss' aura of heat or veins. I wonder...
"Bliss, why is it that I cannot see your heat aura and blood flow?"
"Curious, I shall tell you after supper"
Although I felt so intrigued about these powerful abilities I had acquired, I had to wonder what cost I had to bear.
"So. No doubt you'd like to know what cost you must incur as a werewolf."
Stunned. It was as if she could read minds.
"Well, thanks to the antidote we administered to you, you will not go on  a murderous frenzy. However, you'll come to find that you will have acquired a ravenous appetite. You'll also find that your testosterone levels will have risen substantially which subsequently means that it will be far easier to develop muscle amongst other things... Whether that's a bad thing is up to you. "
"So, I bear no cost? What about my soul, if such a thing exists I'd like to believe that it remains intact!"
"That we cannot be sure of. Just like humans cannot be sure of the existence of their souls, neither can you."
I suppose she was right. How could we know such things.
My stomach growled. I was hungry. This however, was not hunger I had experienced before. I felt as if though I could eat an entire cow. Seriously. Bliss turned to me with a smile scrawled across her face. She obviously thought it was amusing. I decided to walk around the chapel while I waited for Bliss to finish preparing dinner. The main hall was stunning, oak benches lined up in two columns and twenty rows deep. Each bench appeared to be handcrafted. The workmanship was amazing, these benches must've been antique, such quality isn't found in this modern age. Lining the walls on both side were breath taking stain glass windows, each depicting a scene from the bible. There was the creation, the garden, the fall, the flood, the birth of Christ, the death & the resurrection. Each window, like the benches must've been antique. Just where was I? I walked towards the stage, a large table had been placed in front of where I imagine the priest would preach. On the table lay hundreds of candles of all different sizes and thickness. Most were burning. It was beautiful. Behind the stage was one final stained glass window. It was massive and took up most of the wall. It depicted what appeared to be a rendition of heaven. If that was heaven, it was beyond belief.
"Supper!" yelled Bliss from inside the kitchen. I made my way back to the kitchen and took a seat.
In front of my on the table was a enormous steaming pot of...well something.
"Before we eat, would you say grace?"
I'd never said grace before in my life. I bowed my head and recited what they normally say in movies.
Bliss seemed content with it. She took the ladle and scooped me some of what appeared to be chunky soup. I guess that chunks were vegetables and other things.
"So. Would you like to know the rest of your abilities?" Bliss said while blowing on the food on her spoon.
"Sure, I-ugh, I guess."
"Okay, I will divide your abilities by your two forms; human and beast. As I stated previously, your sense of smell and sight have improved in your human form. Why don't you take a bite of your soup?"
I took my spoon and scooped up some of the soup. My nose erupted from the aroma it was emitting. Whatever was in it, smelled delicious. I swallowed the first spoonful. Carrot, potato, leek, spinach, chicken, beef & stock. I could distinctively separate each flavor from each other. As a human this would have been dull run of the mill soup. As a werewolf, it was the best thing I had ever tasted!
"Good, I think you understand now that you sense of taste has also increased. Let me ask you a question" she leaned over and placed her hand in mine. 
"How does my hand feel?"
Her hand was soft, delicate. It was like touching a cloud. Bliss...
"Have you noticed it yet I wonder?"
Had I noticed what...I was at a loss for what she mea--That's it! I retreated my hand quickly, stood up and backed away.
"Wh-wha-what are you?"
She smiled...
I had a feeling a wouldn't like the answer.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm a werewolf thief? Part 1!

Okay, last nights dream was cool. 

Let me preface this by telling you what I did before I went to sleep. 

I've been playing Dragon Age: Origins a lot lately and last night I started playing Leliana's Song which is an extra campaign in which you assume the role of a Bard (Spy, Thief) who has a number of contracts to fulfill. 

Enter my dream, last night I dreamed I was in that exact role. Planting false information in houses, stealing items and other stealthy contracts. 

The night started the same as all others, equipping myself with the required gear to infiltrate a well guarded mansion. The goal this time was to steal documents located in one of the offices. I was to accompanied by two others who as per protocol were nameless. So we manage to steal into the mansion via an open window on the third foor. As to be expected the mansion was huge. Eventually we found the office. I snooped around inside, I see the documents and we proceed to escape. We step out of the office. SWOOSH!  Out of nowhere we're lunged at, a loud howl echoes through the hall. I was shocked and by the time I registered what had lunged at us, the two nameless who were accompanying me lay on the ground, dead. I looked back up and stood face to face with a 7ft monstrosity. Body covered in fur, claws for hands and feet, blood drenched and a wolves' face. I knew what this was, it was a werewolf. He lunged at me! I dodged and threw down some smoke powder and began running the other way, as any sane person would. Too slow. He was already right behind me, chasing, hunting. I saw a window and thought I thought to myself if I could just make it to the window I'd be safe. Just a little more....CRASH! The monster had tapped my ankles, I feel to the ground. Crap. I thought I was done for, I lay there, my ankles were bleeding endlessly. The beast had left his claw marks behind on my flesh. The wolf stood there momentarily, as if to decide how my fate would be decided. Ears pointed up, drool leaking out of his mouth. He twitched. Was this to be my end?

BOOOM! An explosion?!?! What's going on? The werewolf too was taken by surprise, dozens of hooded figures came rushing into the hallway. One sprinted towards my assailant with two blades firmly grasped in each hand. The werewolf hunched his head lower and let out a blood curling growl. The hooded figure seemed unaffected as he flipped into the air and landing on the wall. What? He was running along the wall! The werewolf took a battle stance as the hooded figure launched off of the wall towards the beast. I began to feel dizzy. My vision started going blurry, a loud howl, blood splattered the walls, my face. I fell to the ground. Blackness.

I awoke. Candle light, stained glass windows, wooden benches. I was in a church. I sat up, a splitting headache ripped across my brain. I felt groggy.
"You're awake!"
A woman screamed as she ran to me excitedly. I don't recall having ever met her before. She had long black hair and ice blue eyes. She stood at about 5"10 and was of a slender agile frame. At first impression, she looked dangerous beautiful.
"Bliss" she said.
"My name is Bliss"
What a strange name I thought to myself as I stood up. My ankle clearly hadn't recovered at all. I feel to the ground.
"You need to be careful, it's a pretty severe injury"
"You don't say"
She sat beside me, close enough that I could catch her scent. Her heavenly scent. It was, was, Bliss.
"We found you dumped outside out chapel here, do you remember anything at all?"
She asked exactly that which I could not mention. I couldn't exactly say "Well, I was just carrying out a thieving job and was planning my escape when all of a sudden I trying to be ripped apart by a being thought to be myth"
"Uhm..I can't remember anything"
The expression on her face noted that she didn't believe me. She didn't say anything.
She just smiled.
"That's okay, maybe it'll come back to you. In the meantime why don't we get you some food. Here, use me as a crutch"
I stood up and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. She had such cold, soft skin. Bliss.
We made our way to the chapels kitchen and I took a seat at the table there.
"So...." she said as she began slicing some carrots.
"What was it like seeing a werewolf for the first time?"
Shock. She knew. How did she know!? What should I do? What should I say?!?
"It's okay she said, I haven't been exactly truthful with you. Mine name is Bliss and this is indeed a chapel, that much is true. However, we did not find you outside, we found you at the mercy of a werewolf in our raid last night. You see, I am part of a sect of the church which is responsible for the hunting of beings which are an abomination to this world. Werewolves for example. We found you on the ground, at death's doorstep when we raided the werewolf den one week ago"
I had been asleep for a week?!?
"I imagine you're feeling groggy? That's the effect of the antidote we've been administering to you over the past week."
"What?!? For what? Do you seek to poison me?"
"No, as you're aware, you were attacked by a werewolf. He sunk his claws into your flesh. Even now lycanthropy plagues your body. If we do not counteract this, you're mind will be lost and you'll be doomed to remain in werewolf form until your death. However, by using this antidote, you can remain as a human, and use your human mind to willing shape shift into the shape of the beast, a werewolf. Furthermore, you will not be a bloodthirsty mindless creature upon your change. The antidote allows you to control yourself even in your beastly form."
I was speechless. Yet, as this beautiful woman, Bliss was speaking with her heavenly English Accent, I felt at ease despite the horrific news she was telling me that would change my life forever.
"We do not do this out of charity though. You obviously have skill, we also know about your 'shadowy' background. We need people like you, in our organization. Especially now."
The unfiltered truth. I knew it. The wanted me to work for them.

I'll write the rest in some more parts. I've jotted down the key points to my dream in my notepad and as such will be able to continue it at a later time. Pretty wicked dream if you ask me.